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Jobs in Muncie, Indiana

Hunting for the elusive creature that is employment? It’s exhausting. Nothing has become a truer fact as the infamous expression, “Looking for a full time job, is a full time job.” This is why Muncie Free Press has created this handy page; to take, at least some, of the stress out of looking for a job.

Post Job on Indeed

We all know the drill; go to an employer’s site, click one link leading to another link, spend an hour inputting your information, only to be told to upload a resume. The applying process is taxing, to say the least. Muncie Free Press wants to make finding these potential job opportunities a little easier.

On this site, you can search multiple sources for job listings without searching through 20 open tabs on your computer screen. This easy to use search bar provides befitting results with just two clicks. It’s simple, type in your desired position, let’s say “Writer”, and your desired occupation location, “Muncie, IN”.

Instantly, three different applicable position results pop up under the search bars. Two writing positions for Ball State University and one for JCPenney. The results are relevant and reliable, unlike other job search sites that suggest impertinent positions or obscure companies.

Here, we’ll give you a few extra tips to help you in your quest for employment.

Start with who you know

It’s true in most cases, unfortunately, that it’s sometimes not so much what you know, but who you know. Surely, the majority of us have experienced a friend of the employee snagging a dream-job position out from under our nose.

On the bright side, two can play this game. Talk to your friends, family, past employers and anyone else you might come into contact with. Most people understand the trials and tribulations of job hunting and will help, if they can.

If your usual acquaintances fall short...


Network like your life depended on it. Talk to people in your desired job field. Go to industry conventions (with your resume or portfolio website), become a social butterfly.

If these employers aren’t going to you, go to them. By attending these open events, you’re showing strong work ethic, charisma and a healthy dose of moxie. Advertise yourself. Market your skills, relatability and friendly disposition for a killer job-finding-combo.

However, remember, you’re trying to make friends at this point, don’t be too eager to push the fact that you’re currently unemployed. Interest and mild excitement for a potential position is good, desperation and anxiety, not so good.

Keep at it

Sometimes, employers (especially large corporations) may take months to contact potential employees for a position. Just because it has been two weeks without a call after your application submission, this does not mean you’re out of the race just yet.

As exhausting, and sometimes discouraging, as job searching can be, you haven’t failed until you quit looking. Keep your spirits high, skills honed and smile wide. With the right practice, persistence and determination, you will find something that makes you happy.