IDEM: Donating Books Helps Libraries and the Environment

April 13 - 19 is National Library Week


INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Libraries are a hub of information, circulating books, movies and other materials on a daily basis. Masters of reuse, many libraries supplement their funding by utilizing donated materials.

National Library Week is April 13 - 19, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is encouraging Hoosiers to consider donating unwanted books and magazine to libraries, rather than throwing them away.

"It's always a great idea to donate your books to the library or some other similar organization," said Michele Patterson, Reference and Technical Services Librarian at the Beech Grove Public Library. "It helps you because you are uncluttering your house, and it might be a book that we have a huge demand for and need extra copies of."

"The books we can't add to the collection benefit us because they are donated then to our friends of the library group, who put them in their book sales," said Patterson. "The money raised from those book sales help the library with programming." (See below for video clip information and link for "Donating books helps libraries" video clip.)

Many materials no longer wanted or needed by the original owner can find another home before they are no longer useful. Some books donated to libraries are sent to classrooms, prisons, homeless shelters and the needy overseas. Magazines are often used in medical facilities or used as art supplies in classrooms.

"You can help protect Indiana's environment by donating your used books to your local library," said Rick Bossingham, assistant commissioner for the Office of Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance. "This helps keep materials out of landfills and preserves the environment for all of us." (See below for video clip information and link for "Donating books benefits the environment" video clip.)

Hoosiers interested in donating materials should contact their local libraries for donation policies. For more information on recycling, visit

Video clip information

Donating books helps libraries - :23 (right click to save and download the video clip) - Michele Patterson, Beech Grove Public Library Reference and Technical Services Librarian

Donating books benefits the environment - :10 (right click to save and download video clip)- Rick Bossingham, IDEM Assistant Commissioner

Source: IDEM

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