Smartphone Apps to Follow College Football Rankings

Labor Day weekend gives voters more time to rearrange college football rankings

MUNCIE, IN - With a long Labor Day Weekend full of college football games, many people have already started to revise their college football rankings. From the media to bloggers to fans at home, most who follow football at this level have a list of the teams they think are going to excel each year.

In the Information Age, it is easier than ever to keep up to date on all the latest college football rankings with a smartphone. While it is possible to just visit a webpage to collect the information, there are quite a few apps on the market for the iPhone and Android based smartphones.

We have a list of some of the best apps for college football fans in 2011. From the Apple iPhone to the Droid or any of the other great cellphones available, we have something for everyone.

College Football Apps: iPhone

  • Sportstap - FREE - Basic sports scores all in one place, this is a simple and free app.
  • Ultimate College Football 2011 - $0.99 - This tracks seating charts and allows photos to be easily uploaded.
  • USA Today - The USA Today app makes it easy to keep up with your favorite college teams.
  • NCAA Football Scores - With this simple app, you can find the scores from the latest games.
  • Big 12 Football Pocket ScheduleFind out the dates and times for all the Big 12 college football games with this iPhone app.
  • OSU Clock - Buckeye fans who want a reminder of their dominance in the rivalry with Michigan will appreciate this clock application.
  • Ball State University Chirper Chirp at the opponents with this spirited app. Chirper. Remember the Quad.

College Football Apps: Android

When it comes to Android based phones on Verizon, Sprint and other wireless networks, there are quite a few applications available to follow college football rankings. Here are some of the more popular and useful.

  • Radiotime ~ $2 - This allows you to listen to a variety of games on your Android phone.
  • ESPN Bowl Bound 2011 (Free) - This is essential for those who want to keep up on all the latest rankings for college football.
  • Sprint Football Live (Free) - This is only for users of the Sprint wireless network, but it's a great free way to keep up on college football games - live on your Android powered phone.
  • College Football Helmet Sched (Free) -- This is a great free way to keep up with all the college football schedules during the season. Just click on a helmet and go!

If we left any out, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what we forgot. At Muncie Free Press, we care what you think about college football rankings and apps to keep up with them.

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