Snoop Dogg Not Dead: Internet Rumors Start on Facebook, Spread Like Wildfire

Snoop Dogg Not Dead; Will Google+ Stop This From Happening?

LOS ANGELES, CA - As happened about a week ago with Snoop Dogg RIP rumors - and a month ago and a year ago - there are rumors spreading that Snoop Dogg is dead. The information, however, is false. Most of the rumors seem to be originating from the FAKE Facebook page, which is not up to over 100,000 "fans" on the Facebook social network.

Now, there appears to be others trying to cash in on the rumor of Snoop Dogg's death - which is NOT true. There is a big problem on the Internet with places like Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace used to start and spread rumors that are not true. While there are many reasons people may do this, there is no telling why the current fake page on Facebook (which has been there for OVER a week now) is allowed to stay up.

Situations like this are one reason that Google+ is trying to verify that all their accounts have users that are using their real name. When people use their real name, there is less of a chance to use social networks to spread knowingly FALSE information. As the Google+ social network grows in the coming months and years, it will be interesting if it will be abused by people to spread false information.

While it remains to be seen how long Facebook will allow the fake RIP page to survive on their website, thousands of people around the world are frantically searching Google, Yahoo, Bing and Blekko to find out whether or not the rumor is true.

Again, as of this time, Snoop Dogg is not dead but has been the victim of an apparent Internet hoax or rumor that is still spreading.

While social networks like Facebook and Twitter continue to allow false and fictitious information to spread around the Internet quickly, it will become more and more important for mainstream news organizations and bloggers alike to be careful about where they get their information.

To help keep up to date, here are the official ways to keep in touch with the latest Snoop Dogg news.

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