Norovirus found at Subway

By Rick Yencer

 HARTFORD CITY, IN  - That Subway Eat Fresh jingle did not prevent the outbreak of Norovirus that caused diarrhea and vomitting by people who ate at the local fast food franchise this week. 

 The Blackford County Health Department got Subway to close this week after many people complained of flu-like symptoms that even hospitalized some. More than 90 people were affected, according to Linda Briles, the local environmental health officer.

 The confirmation of Norovirus came after testing of stool samples and interviews with people who dined there. Both the Blackford County Board of Health and the Indiana Board of Health participated in the investigation.

 Briles said the contamination was traced to a human, but she could not be more specific  until the state offered its report. She  re-inspected the restaurant and Subway reopened Friday. That was after a week of investigation.

 Subway, like other local food establishments are routinely inspected by the health department, and Briles would not say direct how many previous violations Subway had. They she said she did not know any food establishment that had not had a violation.

 Norovirus is highly contagious and common symptoms are diarrhea, vomit ting and stomach pain, according the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. It can spread quickly by drinking  liquid and eating food  that is contaminated. Even touching surfaces can spread  the virus.

 That Subway sandwich giveaway at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis now takes new meaning after the outbreak of Norovirus at the franchise just 70 miles away.

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