Star Wars Day 2012: Darth Vader, R2D2, Chewbacca and more

May the Force be with you on May 4 - Star Wars Day

Staff Report

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY - These are NOT the droids you are looking for... but this is Star Wars day. Some say May 4th was chosen because it sounds similar to "May the Force" (be with you.) Whatever the reason it started, today is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. From Star Wars ringtones on your phone to watching all the classic movies, there are many ways to make today special.

This is a fan created "holiday" around the world, but one that many Star Wars fans take seriously. You can read more about the creation of Star Ways day at, but we wanted to give our readers some suggestions for what to do on this very special day. The first Star Wars movie was released on May 25th in 1977 - and this date is said by some to be the true Star Wars day, but as a lot of things on the Internet, May 4th has become popular.

Here are some ideas of fun things to do today.

  • R2D2 - When someone speaks to you, answer with the R2D2 beep. While you can use your smartphone to download a ringtone to create this effect, it could be just as fun if you make up the R2D2 sounds on your own!
  • Party like Chewbacca - While the big, hairy and lovable wookie is not known for partying in the movies, there is no reason you couldn't dress up as a wookie and have some fun by hitting up a party or two this weekend. (Can you make the Chewbacca sound? It's hard!)
  • LIghtsaber Battle in the Office - If nothing else, having a nice, friendly lightsaber battle in the office is a cool idea. Again, you can have your phone or the toy lightsaber make the sounds, but it is maybe more fun for you to make the sounds on your own! Vroosh.
  • Cantina Dance - There's nothing like the Cantina music to lift your spirits and inject some fun into your day. If you're really cool, you might make up a special Cantina dance that you can show EVERYONE today.
  • C3P0 - Another idea is to walk around all day acting like C3P0. Some people may look at you oddly, but walking like a robot and talking like C3P0 can be a fun way to enjoy Star Wars day.
  • Trilogy x2 - We recommend you start with the original trilogy (episodes IV, V and VI), but if you have time you might watch the other three. Be prepared for Jar Jar Binks flashbacks, though, which can be dangerous!

If you have other ideas for celebrating Star Wars Day 2012, leave a comment below and let us know!

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