Anarchists, Anonymous, Republicans, Strippers and Occupy Tampa at the 2012 RNC

'V for Vendetta' symbol painted on Tampa building and other Worrying Signs From Tampa for the 2012 RNC

Staff Report

TAMPA, FL - There have been some reports of peaceful protests planned by members of Occupy Tampa, but Anonymous and other groups have been sending out warning, instructions and multiple videos for months now.

Recently, a pile of bricks and rocks were found on the roof of a building along with graffiti of the Guy Fawkes mask which has come to symbolize the Anonymous movement for many.

Cyber Attacks at 2012 RNC

For over a month now, there have been warnings of intense cyber attacks to take place during the Republican National Convention. As people flock to the area this weekend - including strippers for the RNC - there have been concerns raised about messages from Anonymous regarding hacking during the upcoming convention in Tampa.

  There are many people watching the events closely. Sam Rosenfeld wrote earlier this month:

Anarchists and Extreme Left Wing groups are not synonymous with protesters, but in the effort to combat the former, law abiding protesters are often dragged into the fray, subjected to mass arrests, CS gas and other indiscriminate, ineffective means that don’t actually contribute to either upholding the law or constitutional rights.

The pressure on Tampa PD to manage the protesters effectively will be high because the anarchist movement has evolved over the past four years. There is a new trend of willingness to actually fight the police and de-arrest individuals, something simply not in evidence four years ago. Chicago PD showed significant evolution in their engagement-heavy approach – they were fortunate in that the anarchist “A team” didn’t attend. The real problem that we are likely to see in Tampa is a repeat of the mistakes of 2008 RNC in St Paul/Minneapolis, where a small group of organized anarchists caused the police to overreact on Day 1, and for the police to continue to be heavy handed for the rest of the period.

Pete Williams, at NBC News, has reported, "A federal law enforcement bulletin "assesses with high confidence" that extremists from anti-government anarchist groups will try to use violence with the aim of disrupting both political conventions."

What will happen as a tropical storm, a bunch of right-wingers and out-of-state strippers anarchists and peaceful protesters all descend upon a city? There's really no telling these days, but everyone should remember that the eyes of the world are going to be on America.

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