Top 2012 Halloween Costumes for the Family

Are Unique Homemade Halloween Costumes Better than Store Bought? Plus What's Hot for 2012

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - The kids are back in school, the weather is cooling down a bit, and the candy aisles are appearing at local retail stores. It can only mean one thing - Halloween 2012 is right around the corner. To help you come up with some ideas for costumes this year, we have prepared a list for the whole family, including some great group costumes as well as costumes for brother and sister.

Hot 2012 Costumes for Boys

Here is a look at some of the top Halloween costumes for boys in 2012.

  1. Captain America - Along with the other Marvel Avengers, Captain America is going to be hot this year for a lot of younger boys up to tween age boys. With the movie coming out on DVD and BluRay right around this time, it could become even more popular. Make sure you get one with the fake muscles!
  2. Power Rangers - No matter the color, Power Rangers are still hot with boys in a certain age group. Make sure you talk with the child to get the right color of Power Ranger as there's nothing worse than ending up with a yellow Power Ranger when you really wanted to be the Red Power Ranger!
  3. Batman - Yes, Batman is still hot. In fact, Spiderman, the Flash and Superman are still hot as well. If you have a boy who is going through a comic book or superhero stage, there are a lot of great choices out there this year. Make sure you spend a little more to get something with the fake muscles!
  4. Transformers - Believe it or not, Transformers have been around forever. They were introduced to a new generation of children and they continue to be a hot pick for Halloween costumes for a lot of boys. As with other costumes, make sure you spend just enough so that the costume looks ok and doesn't cause embarrassment.

Top Halloween Costumes in 2012 for Girls

Finding something a girl will want to wear and that you can agree on may be difficult, but it's worth the time. To help you out, we have compiled some ideas for favorite Halloween costumes for girls in 2012.

  1. Monster High - There are quite a few choices here for girls of all ages. For most of them, you're going to want to make sure the child is old enough to wear the costume as they may be a bit too much for some parents or grandparents. Still, a lot of girls love the line of "Barbie gone monster." Just make sure you get the right character.
  2. Barbie - Not to be outdone by monsters in high school, Barbie is still a popular pick for a lot of girls. It doesn't take too much to put your own homemade Barbie costume together, but there are a lot of ones out there that have everything you will need all put together in a single set. If nothing else, have your child carry a Barbie to let people know she is supposed to be a Barbie.
  3. Princess - Whether it is a specific Disney Princess (there are quite a few these days! and they all live in a Disney Princess Dream Castle!) This is another great idea for an easy homemade Halloween costume for a girl of any age. With the right wig (or even hairstyle) and a few simple accessories - not to mention a dress of some sort - you're going to have the perfect princess costume without spending a ton of cash.
  4. Hunger Games - For slightly older girls - tween or teens - there is, of course, the Hunger Games. The movie actually has some choices for girls wanting to dress up as their favorite character from the books - or the movie that came out recently. This may be another costume that you can make at home yourself, but you want to pay close attention to the details.

Best Halloween Costumes for Mom in 2012

While mom may want something a little risque if she's out without the kids (think someone from 50 Shades of Grey), there are also a lot of wholesome and family friendly costume ideas for moms. Here are some of them.

  1. Flo the Insurance Lady - If you've seen the Progressive insurance commercials with "Flo" you either love her or hate her. The staff here at Top Toys Blog lands somewhere in the middle, but it's sure to be a big hit and cause a lot of smiles if you get the wig and a while shirt with a nametag to come up with the costume on your own.
  2. Famous TV Mother - There are a LOT of ideas out there if you decide to be a famous TV mother. If you're a little older you might go with "Mama" from the Mama show (with a short, curly hair wig) or perhaps the mom from the Brady Bunch or even Malcolm in the Middle. Whatever you choose, you want to make sure it's a bit different than your normal everyday look!
  3. Cowgirl - If you're stressed for time and just want to throw something together, going as a cowgirl is pretty easy. Well, considering you have a cowboy hat, some boots and the appropriate flannel and jeans. Hey, if nothing else it may be a good excuse to buy a new pair of boots or jeans! In all seriousness, if you're out of time this makes a decent idea for mom.
  4. Mom the Wizard - If you're not shy and it's still pretty warm out, why not get a simple Snuggie and a wizards cap and go as Mom the Wizard? The good news is that you can keep the Snuggie for staying warm and cozy during the holidays.

Great Costumes for Dad for Halloween 2012

Next, we have some Halloween costume ideas for dear old dad.

  1. Cardboard Box Costume - Is it a robot gone mad? Is it a Rubix Cube from the future? No, it's just dear old dad dressed up in a cardboard box.
  2. Masks - Sometimes, a simple funny or even scary mask can be enough for a dad to don on Halloween to get a reaction from the kids.

Group Costumes for the Family (Including Pets!)

Here are a few ideas for group costumes for the entire family.

  • Wizard of Oz - This movie has quite a few characters. There's bound to be something for everyone - even a cute puppy or small dog!
  • Crayola Crayons - Why not dress the whole family as different colors of crayons? For extra effect, rig up a box that you can all fit in.
  • Alice in Wonderland - This is another classic that has a lot of characters that are great for dressing up as this Halloween.
  • Scooby-Doo - With this one, you can even include the family pet, although dressing a cat up as a dog might not be the smartest of ideas.

Costume Ideas for Brother and Sister

  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Batman and Batgirl
  • Superman and Superwoman
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy
  • M&M's
  • Pebbles and BamBam

For even more 2012 Halloween costume ideas check out Top Toys Blog.

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