Top Toys 2012: As Black Friday Nears, Parents Begin the Search

2012 Best Toy Lists Abound, but what are Really the Hottest Toys Your Kid Will Love?

Staff Report

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Halloween is a distant memory as candy begins to run out, but wise parents are already starting to think about getting their holiday shopping done. With the gift buying out of the way, it is easier to spend more time actually enjoying the holidays.

While Thanksgiving may seem like it's still far away, Black Friday 2012 is approaching quickly. While it may be wise to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for those trying to stretch their budget as far as they can, parents who want to avoid the crowds and stress of the biggest shopping day of the year should start shopping now or plan to most of their shopping online.

Children are going to have their own wishlists, of course, but smart parents will do their homework to make sure they are spending their hard earned money wisely. There's nothing worse than buying a toy only to have it break a week later or - even worse - have it be something that gets forgotten in the closet quickly. This is why finding a good toy guide for reviews and more can help.

Local Indiana retailers are preparing for the shopping season already. As the weather changes, getting colder, more and more signs of the holidays will begin to appear. The good news is that parents who do research may find that it is the simple and basic toys that still do well - like teething rings. They're inexpensive, require no batteries, and keep babies happy for hours.

The kids may be clamoring for a Furby or some other latest and greatest toy that is on the market, but there is an opportunity to surprise them by getting them something "old school" that they will still like. For those needing a smile before the busy shopping ... er, holiday ... season begins, watch the Top Toys Blog "Gift Rap" below.


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