Four More Years: TV Networks Calling a Win for President Obama

US election results 2012: Barack Obama re-elected as President

Staff Report

CHICAGO, IL - Votes are still being counted, but several television networks have projected a win for President Obama over Mitt Romney. The win comes after a long and vicious battle - with both sides running all sorts of media campaigns against the other.

Google is also calling it for Obama. The search engine has done a pretty good job this election, showing their election results data on top of the search engine results pages when any election related term is typed in the little search box.

Mitt Romney 45233871 49% 200  
Barack Obama 45011927 49% 274

At home in Chicago, the president all but claimed victory. "This happened because of you. Thank you" he tweeted to supporters.

The GOP nominee lost his home state of Massachusetts as well as his native Michigan.

Obama took more than a dozen states, including Illinois, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maryland and the District of Columbia,

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