Garcinia Cambogia Website Agrees About HCA Extract

Garcinia Cambogia (HCA extract) Has Been Used Years for Help with Fast Weight Loss; Now It Is Available in Supplement Form

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BOULDER, CO - A new website ( has been created to investigate this odd fruit for its weight loss properties. Those who watch television have probably heard of garcinia cambogia (HCA extract) before. For those who haven't, it is a way to get help with weight loss in two separate ways - by blocking fat cells from forming after eating carbohydrates and sugars and also by acting as an appetite suppressant.

Recommended HCA Extract Dosage

Those who plan on taking this supplement should read the directions that come on the bottle. Some have recommended taking 500 mg doses once or twice a day half an hour before a meal. In some studies, this has been shown to be the amount needed to help with weight loss efforts.

According to the website, there is at least one product that provides the recommended amount of pure garcinia cambogia (HCA) as well as other ingredients that can help men and women lose weight. 

Drop Pounds by Blocking Fat and Appetite

One of the things that has the website and others excited is that HCA extract works in two ways to help with dropping pounds. First, it acts to block new fat cells from forming - so you don't need to starve yourself of carbs or sugars. You should still eat everything in moderation, however.

Secondly, the rinds of the garcinia cambogia plant contain HCA, which can also act as an appetite suppressant. When you take it, you will not feel the need to eat as much because you will feel full. The best news is that it does these things with all natural ingredients.

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