No Oprah tickets for you


MUNCIE, IN -  The overnight camp out for Oprah tickets was reminiscent of one of those Grateful Dead concerts where people would wait for days just to see the famed group.

 This time, it was hundreds of Ball State University students who formed  more than a 2,000 plus line to take every ticket for Oprah's talk with media king David Letterman on Nov. 26.

 Blankets, tents, pizza boxes and empty water bottles littered the grounds around Emens Auditorium as the media queen obviously attracted more of a crowd than BSU officials anticipated.

 BSU President Jo Ann Gora wandered among the crowd Saturday as the tactical decision was made to serve students before BSU hired help and the public. Several hundred more seats are available staff and others in Pruis Hall for a simulcast, although a ticket window attendant said Sunday afternoon that only 100 tickets were available to the public for the simulcast.

 University mouthpiece Tony Proudfoot could only say officials had no experience with such a turnout. No explanation was offered about why university decided to use Emens instead of a larger venue like Worthen Arena for the event.

 Sierra, a magazine major at BSU,  was excited to get a ticket and said other students felt it was a once in a lifetime event to see Oprah in person. Orpah had that wildly popular television show and then faded to cable with her own network. She still gives out millions to everyone from poverty stricken women and children in Africa to those in needed in the United States.

 Besides denying the public access to the event, the university also changed times for the ticket distribution twice so classes would not be disrupted. And the constant change  reduced both staff and public interest in the media event 

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