Opening Week for Folly Moon at the Old Stirlings in Downtown Muncie

Doc's is Gone, but Folly Moon Opens in the old Stirlings Irish Pub in Downtown Muncie

By Asia Jureczko

MUNCIE, IN - A menagerie of blue, glass bottles lined the windows of Folly Moon, shining filtered light into the bar from the street. It was opening week for Folly Moon and a fresh start for FM Music promotion company. The decor in the bar resonated a cool, classic vibe, revamped from Stirlings Irish Pub.

The bar was dimly lit, allowing the glow of candle-lit tables to gently diffuse through its surroundings. Mike Martin, partial owner, explains he wanted the concept for Folly Moon to be a bit more contemporary, “It’s a place to hang out with friends, relax and listen to some great, live music.” The murmur of conversation and soft laughter from the crowd at Folly Moon certainly echoed this vision.

Intentions for the bar are simple says Martin, “We’re a uniquely different joint.”

From its street team promotions to its intriguing name, Folly Moon certainly can call itself unique. Folly Moon’s name was inspired by Folly Beach in South Carolina. “Everyone there did things a little differently.” says Martin. Carrying this inspiration with them, FM Music set out to be a new kind of ‘service based’ music promotion company.

Martin further explains his tag line by saying they’re trying to approach business differently. Street team volunteers hand out fliers, radio ads echo through popular stations, text messages notify Folly Moon friends of upcoming musicians and various other web based promotions, including a new reality show, ‘It’s Always Rainy in Muncie’
only begin to show why FM Music is such an innovator in business.

Musicians flock to Folly Moon, feeling the anticipation and anxiety in their chests, to play their music, to read their poetry or to sing their songs. The bar and eatery strives to give aspiring and established musicians an outlet to share their creations and get recognition in their community.

Patrons come to Folly Moon for an evening to relax or to take in some of the undiscovered talent and culture the city of Muncie has to offer. Good friends, good music and a great time will keep Folly Moon as a new favorite place for many in the greater Muncie area.

Folly Moon is certain to thrive, considering its business savvy owners, manageable size, cozy atmosphere and delicious food and drink. In fact, there shouldn’t be a doubt this bar and eatery will be around for years to come.

Martin’s mission is simple, “ provide leadership and bring in new entrepreneurs to Muncie for our future"

"Everyone wants to talk about what it used to be," Martin says, "I want to talk about what it could be.”

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