New Location for Greek’s Pizzeria on McGalliard in Muncie

By Asia Jureczko

MUNCIE, IN - When hanging out in the village late at night, no one can resist the late night Greek’s craving. The warm aroma of their hand-tossed buttery crust, smothered in sweet sauce and a special blend of cheeses tempts all who roam past the store front. Come 10:30 PM, everyone knows there will be a line in front of the slice cart so partiers can get their Greek’s fix.

Greek’s Pizzeria has been in business since the 60s, and in that time has perfected its craft. Greek’s founder Chris Karamesines, opened his first Greek’s restaurant outside of Chicago. After searching around the country, he settled here in Muncie and opened the location on University street where it has been open for 34 years.

Franchisee and store owner, Rafael (Raf) Domenech, acts as a trainer and support for new stores in the Muncie area. Domenech has been busy managing his own store and that of Greek’s new location on McGalliard, run by new manager, Troy Mink.

“We’re really excited to share marketing strategies and really build the Greek’s brand. “ Smiled Domenech, “The Muncie area is an awesome location.” Domenech went on to say Greek’s has been growing rather rapidly lately and that they are expecting another location in Carmel come spring.

Although the new Muncie location on McGalliard won’t have a slice cart outside the building late at night, the restaurant will surely be a huge hit with Domenech’s guidance and support and the infamous Greek’s reputation.

What makes the Greek’s Pizzeria chain different from other franchises is the ability to gather support and training from other franchisee’s while still operating every individual store like a mom and pop shop. “Every Greek’s is a little different because they’re run by different people, but we all have the same great product.”

Greek’s Pizzeria has been an immense success here in Muncie and has provided many Ball State alumni with lifelong careers in restaurant ownership and management. With a new location opening in just a few days on McGalliard in Muncie, another scheduled for the spring in Carmel and two more in the works for Lafayette and South Bend, Greek’s is really on a roll.

“It’s a big deal...we’re lookin’ to grow.” Says Domenech. Muncie residents think it’s a big deal too and can’t wait to have two Greek’s Pizzeria’s in their town, “They’re seriously good.” Says a Muncie local, “I’m so excited there’ll be another one.”


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