Top Moments in March Madness and Betting in 2013

March Madness History Shines and Tips for Betting Better in 2013

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DALLAS, TX - The NCAA basketball tournament is known as March Madness for a reason. Over the years, there have been quite a few moments that really shine. The March Madness Action website has taken a look at some of the top moments from the history of the tournament. They also offer help and advice on March Madness betting.

Highlights of March Madness and the NCAA Tournament over the years.

  • 1939 - Oregon wins their first NCAA tournament defeating Ohio State
  • 1973 - Walton led the Bruins to title with 21 of 22 from the field with 44 points and a total of 13 rebounds.
  • 1976 - Bob Knight’s Hoosiers won the title in a perfect fashion, something that only two other teams have done since that run.
  • 1979 - A classic matchup with Magic vs. Bird, what else is there to say?
  • 1985 - Villanova upsets Georgetown in a run that has yet to be repeated. The stats of Villanova were quite incredible.
  • 1991 - Duke upsets UNLV. Although UNLV entered the Final Four 34-0 when they faced Duke, they were in for a shock.
  • 2008 - Kansas came back in closing minutes to win title with just over two minutes left and being nine points down.

These are not all of the best March Madness moments, which is why we encourage you to leave a comment below and let us know what you think. When it comes to the NCAA tournament, everyone has an opinion. We want to hear yours. There is a lot more information about March Madness at, a website created to highlight some of the very best of this basketball tourney.

Knowing the history of March Madness - including the Sweet Sixteen and Final Four - is well and fine, but the staff at March Madness Action realize that for some, the excitement extends beyond just watching the game live or on television in a sports pub. For some super fans, March Madness is all about betting. Knowing about the Odds & lines for March Madness 2013 is helpful in this respect, which is another place the March Madness Action website really shines.

They wrote, "We have gathered quite a bit of information that you should find useful if you are at all interested in college basketball and which team is the absolute best. During any given year during the normal college basketball season there is plenty of trash talk..."

New fans and tournament veterans are encouraged to check out the March Madness Action website to learn more about the NCAA tournament. From betting and lines and odds for the games to other information on the history of the basketball tourney, they have sports fans covered.

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