Canadian Pharmacy Offers Savings on Prescription Drugs

Save Up to 80% Off Your Prescription Medication in Canada?

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B.C., CANADA - There is a Canadian Pharmacy online that offers prescription medication at prices that may be difficult to believe. Consumers do need to have a valid prescription issued by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the United States of America, but this is for safety of people who use this service.

In addition to a prescription, those who are ordering for the first time also need to fill out a Patient Questionnaire as well as a Customer Agreement Form. This information can be faxed to a toll free number or mailed to a physical location in Canada.

While not all drugs and medications that are available in the US are available at Canadian Pharmacy Link website they do have quite a selection. There are various factors that go into deciding what is available and not available. However, many will find that they can get their prescription medication at a much lower price.

This Canadian online pharmacy has a policy on "pain pills." They wrote, "We legally cannot ship any narcotic or controlled substance across the border. We also will not sell any habit forming medications."

As for why prescription drugs are so much cheaper in Canada, they said, "The Canadian government limits how much pharmaceutical manufacturers can charge for brand-name drugs when they are approved and caps subsequent price increases. As well, in Canada generics become available 5 years earlier."

Whatever the reason, some people are looking into getting their medicine online from a Canadian pharmacy.  At the Canadian Pharmacy Link website, they offer information in addition to the medicine and drugs that help people with various problems.

They also state on their website, "... Canadian Pharmacy Link presently meets all known requirements in place in Canada and the United States to be able to ship prescription drugs into the United States." This is good news for those who want to save a little money when filling their prescription online.

One of the other things they like to offer their customers is an easy explanation of how to order prescription medication online. They take visitors through all of the various steps that are needed - which are not difficult at all, especially for refills. They also make it super easy to search for the prescription drugs that they do have available so visitors can quickly determine whether they have the needed medication.

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