Ten High Travelers bring Folk to Muncie Music Scene

By Asia Jureczko

MUNCIE, IN - Growing up together in Albany Indiana, Josh Bertram and Stu Gates have been inseparable since they were 7 years old. The two always felt music was there calling, idolizing such musicians as Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

After traveling around the country performing as solo acoustic players at various open mic nights and live shows, the two decided it was time to bring their dream to life: integrate both of their unique playing styles and create a “folksy blues band,” the Ten High Travelers.

Ten High Travelers began about a year ago, and now play weekly on Sundays at Muncie’s local burger and juke joint, Folly Moon. Bertram and Gates pay a lot of their success to the bar’s owner Mike Martin, saying he helped them discover their potential.

“We really like Folly Moon, “ said Bertram. “It kind’ve matches our style of music...laid back and blusey.” The two have been writing songs together since they were 15 years old. “We really know each other, “ says Gates. “Even though we play two different styles, it comes together as one great sound.”

This seemingly flawless compilation can only be accomplished through years of companionship. “One won’t sound right without the other.” Said Gates speaking to their unique brand of blues inspired folk music.

Ten High Travelers takes their laid back sound into their band’s composition as well. There are no specific positions between the two band mates as well as no setlist for performances, “We both sing, we both write... It’s a complete collaboration.” said Gates.

“We feed off of each other and the crowd’s vibe [when deciding which songs to play].” Said Bertram.

Ten High Travelers continue to do live shows every Sunday at Folly Moon in downtown Muncie. They recently had their first live recording produced and have felt it “surreal” to hear their music being played at their favorite bar.

“One of our goals is to live off of our music.” Said Gates. Bertram added, “It’s been a real accomplishment to be able to share our music with people as much as we have already.”

Looking into the anticipated future, Ten High Travelers can’t wait to see what it has in store for their band. “Any hard economic time brings a comeback for folk music.” Said Gates. With a clutch of undeniably cool musical inspirations from 16th century Mississippi blues to 70’s classic rock, Ten High Travelers have a distinct sound they hope resonates across the country.


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