Back to School Teacher’s Store is Helping Muncie

By Asia Jureczko

MUNCIE, IN - A quaint building on Madison street on the south side of Muncie, shines out against the strip malls and other corporate buildings, not for its appearance, but for its purpose. The Back to School Teacher’s store has provided Delaware county’s teachers and qualified nonprofits with essential tools and consumables necessary to give the gift of knowledge.

Our community’s school network is vital to educate, socialize and stimulate the children of Muncie. The children of our community are the future’s lawyers, accountants and artists. Without the proper tools and teaching aids, this vital education becomes less effective.

Through fundraisers like this year’s Haunted Forest, the Teacher’s Store is able to provide free supplies for the teachers of Delaware county and eligible nonprofits. Teachers can “shop” 10 times per year through items to assist in all classes including; art, science, math, foreign language, theater and much more.

The Haunted Forest was a great success this year and a great fundraiser for the Teacher’s Store. The event brought in all ages including the Ball State Late Nite students and numerous groups of families.

By the end of the fundraiser, 2,500 people had walked through the Haunted Forest and donated $35,000 for the Teacher’s Store to collect more tools for local teachers and their classrooms of children.

The Teacher’s Store also offers books for parents who choose to teach their children at home. An entire shelf varying in subjects and lessons is dedicated to home schooled learning. These books of course are also available to student teachers or recent alumni looking for lesson plan guidance.

Another way to gain access to the Teacher’s Store’s wide selection of tools is to volunteer to shop. Local Ball State and Ivy Tech students as well as Muncie residents can volunteer their time for an opportunity to “shop” through the Teacher’s Store.

“We really love our volunteers,” said Executive Director Amy Mansfield. “We want to get more Ivy Tech and BSU students to volunteer.” Mansfield went on to say many fraternity and sorority groups have a mandatory volunteer quota to fill each year. “We also work with the SVS at Ball State.” (Student Voluntary Services)

The future is bright for the Teacher’s Store, when asked what other fundraisers the Teacher’s Store had planned for next year, Mansfield smiled, “We want to do a kids winter walk around Christmas time next year... in Morrows Meadow.”

The Teacher’s Store also has a ‘Lunch and Learn’. This event is open to the public so residents can learn not only about what the Teacher’s Store does, but also what it needs. The event is free, participants get a free lunch and it only lasts an hour.

The Teacher’s Store does so much for our community. If they receive donations they cannot use, those donations are passed on to different agencies; teacher’s can receive free supplies and tools for their classrooms and the business puts on family friendly events for the community.

With so much good coming from this organization, Muncie will surely need to take care of this one. It’s not every city that gets such an amazing company that does so much for its citizens.

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