Free Government Cell Phone Infographic Released Releases Information on History of Free Phones from Government

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NEW YORK, NY - In the modern world, communication is vital for many different reasons. While there is a lot of debate about whether free government cell phones are a good idea or not, there is one website that is simply trying to provide consumers with accurate and up to date information about getting free phone service in the US.

At, consumers can find a wide range of information about the Lifeline program that now offers free cell phones and monthly service in many states throughout America. There has been quite a bit of debate surrounding free phones, including many rumors that are spread on the Internet.

One of the common rumors is that the free cell phone program is really the Obamaphone. This is not the case as the Lifeline program actually started in 1985, although the program didn't include cell phone minutes until recently.

Because there are so many rumors on the Internet, the staff at spent the time to put together an easy to read infographic that has all the basic information. They even separate the facts from fiction, which is nice.

"At, we give consumers what they need to know about the best free government cell phones available," said a representative of the website in a release.

"With times still tough financially for many people, having access to a free cell phone and free minutes every month can really help out."

Depending on the state where a consumer lives, there may be one or several options available for cell phone providers that deal with the Lifeline free phone program.

During tough economic times, it can be hard for some families to be able to afford a cell phone. This is why the Lifeline free government cell phone program is so popular with many people. Once the facts are known about Lifeline assistance and how many people the program helps, it is tougher for some to complain about the program.

The debate still continues, however, which is why the website is constantly providing new information about free cell phones from the government through the Lifeline assistance program which is now available in most states. To see the free government phone infographic, click here.

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