Ray Lewis and the Truth about Deer Antler Spray

Super Bowl 2013: Did Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis try to obtain banned HGH Supplements?

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NEW ORLEANS, LA - As Super Bowl XLVII draws ever closer, Sports Illustrated recently reported that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis tried to obtain deer antler spray to help with a leg injury. The HGH supplement is banned from most major sports. Lewis has denied the report, telling USA Today

USA Today quoted Lewis as saying, "Two years ago, that was the same report," he said. "It's not worthy of the press." He was also asked whether he had used the spray during his recovery, with Lewis responding, "Nah, never."

Thanks to Lance Armstrong (and others) we know that athletes are capable of lying about taking performance enhancing drugs. Another question that comes to mind is why a perfectly legal deer antler spray would be sought by a professional sports player.

Do HGH Supplements Work?

At HGHSupplements.us, they take a look at how human growth hormone supplements work. Specifically, they take a look at a product called AntlerX, a spray form of IGF-1 that works similar to steroids when it comes to building muscle mass quickly.

At the Bleacher Report website, they talked about Lionel Messi and HGH supplements, writing, "Messi did not use HGH as a performance enhancer. Messi was using a prescribed treatment, monitored by physicians, in order to overcome a medical condition. The result is that he's a normal human being today, fourteen years after the treatments were made possible."

This is another type of football, but it is another person coming forward and talking about the power of HGH supplements to help repair the body - or build muscle mass and strength. Still, not all the stories surrounding human growth hormones are positive.

Sports Illustrated recently wrote, "As soon as the Vobora verdict landed, though, the NFL, the PGA and MLB sent notice to athletes that the S.W.A.T.S. deer-antler spray -- which had been advertised as containing the banned IGF-1, an ingredient common to all brands of deer antler spray -- had been implicated in a positive drug test. Ross's cellphone buzzed once more with calls from athletes asking to have their names removed from the S.W.A.T.S. website."

At the HGHSupplements.us website, they talk more about IGF-1 - that has been banned from most major sports (because it really works?) They also recommend a product called AntlerX, which comes with a money-back guarantee. To learn more, click here to learn more now.

Source: HGHSupplements.us Press Release

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