Two brothers now implicated in Lapel IN murder

Free Press Report

LAPEL, IN - Two brothers and neighbors have been implicated in the murder of Spencer A. Smith who was found dead in his home on Tuesday from four gunshots.

The arrest of Michael Wood, 23 and Jonathan D. Wood, 19, on preliminarily murder charges puts a new twist on the case where Malcolm D. Cobb, 45, was initially charged with Smith's murder.

 Madison County Sheriff Ron Richardson said the case was still being investigated in announcing more suspects. While the role of the two brothers was not clear, a 911 recording of Cobb calling authorities about a fight he and Smith had suggested Cobb might have acted in self-defense.

 The father of the two boys indicated they were just trying to stop the fight, 

 Cobb already faces trial on other felony charges that he raped a woman while holding a knife on her. He is awaiting trial on that offense.

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