Weight Loss in 2013 with 5-HTP and Capsicum Extract Supplements

Two Top  Supplements for Losing Weight in 2013 Discussed by Doctors on Television

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NEW YORK, NY - Many TV shows featuring doctors have been known to highlight fat busters in the past, and 2013 is no different. Starting with his 2/4/13 show, some are heating up the month of February with a week's worth of fat burning tips for men and women who want to lose weight. From 5-HTP to control the mood and binge eating to the fat burning power of capsicum extract, one television doctor is coming through with helpful shows on burning fat and getting healthy.

Control Mood and Emotional Eating with 5-HTP

Taking griffonia simplicifolia extract to increase 5-HTP levels naturally also works as an appetite suppressant. When people have trouble with serotonin levels, they do not get the same pleasure from eating that others do. This may lead them to eating more and more, trying to get that feeling of satisfaction and happiness that is tied to eating.

By naturally increasing 5-HTP with griffonia simplicifolia extract, it is possible to increase serotonin levels, which has a lot of positive effects, including a better overall mood. For those who suffer from anxiety, depression or even insomnia, adding 5-HTP supplements to the daily diet may help.

Burn Fat Fast with Capsicum Extract Supplements

Another way to burn fat fast - even stubborn belly fat - is to take a natural supplement that can help turn excess calories into heat rather than new fat cells. Capsicum extract is made from chile peppers, which naturally help the body with Thermogenesis, the process of turning calories into heat.

Taking capsicum extract on a daily basis can lead to weight loss as the fat is literally burned from the body by blocking new fat cells from forming. This allows exercise and a proper diet to really have an effect that is noticeable. Having a weight loss plan or strategy is still important, but with Cap Ex tablets, you can get a little extra help burning fat fast.

Learn more about this supplement for burning fat and losing weight at CapsicumExtract.com, where they have more information. Additionally, the 5HTP.org website has more about 5-HTP supplements and how they can help with mood swings, insomnia, and even weight loss.

Source: 5HTP.org Press Release

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