Townsend moves corporate headquarters to Muncie, IN

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, IN  - The Townsend Corp. that provides storm relief, utility line construction and vegetation management is moving its headquarters to the Ontario Systems campus this spring.

 And the company with $120 million in yearly revenue and nearly 2,000 employees will bring its front office and administration with 35 people and $2.9 million.

 The deal includes about $150,000 in property taxes abated which Muncie City Council unanimously approved on Monday in return for the jobs and the property owner, GJT-32 LLC, a company with offices in Milwaukee, WI. agreeing to do about $1 million in improvements to accommodate Townsend offices.

Todd Donati, city redevelopment director, and Terry Murphy, vice president of economic development for the Delaware County Economic Development Alliance, presented the development to city lawmakers, explaining the tax breaks actually qualify for vacant buildings like at Ontario.

 The property at 1120 W. Kilgore Ave. has been empty since Ontario downsized and it is among several properties locally available to new business and industry.

 Murphy said Townsend would occupy about half the space as plans call to move from its current location in Parker City.

Michelle Coon, Townsend general counsel, explained the company had several locally known divisions including Townsend Tree Services, N.G. Gilbert Corp., Townsend Chemical, Kelly Electric, Eco-Pak and RowCare.

 Always known for its tree trimming and utility line construction work, Townsend also has developed storm relief team that just aided victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and elsewhere on he east coast.

 And Coon said Townsend's electrical company helped out with powering up the Nestle's plant in Anderson. Actually, the N.G. Gilbert division, with a historic building in south Muncie, operates out of Anderson's Flagship Enterprise site on Ind. 67 south.

 Council President Jerry Dishman was glad to see the company headquarters fill an empty space in Muncie, bringing its jobs with it.

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