Malcolm Cobb: "I'm going to kill you"

By Rick Yencer

ANDERSON, IN - The murder of Spencer Smith played out in court this week as a convicted felon and two brothers face murder and robbery charges.

It was Malcolm D. Cobb, 45, who told authorities he pulled the trigger of a  handgun that killed Smith on Jan. 29 at his Lapel apartment while Smith was partying with alcohol and drugs with Jonathan D. Wood, 19, and Joshua M. Wood, 23, according to court documents. Cobb not only shot Smith once, but four more times. And he initially pulled a knife on Smith..

 And the argument between the two started over Cobb accusing Smith of raping an 18 year-old girl and then it turned to robbery as Cobb, a convicted felon, demanded Smith open this safe. Jonathan Wood witnessed the shooting as Cobb first shot Smith in the shoulder, and then shot him against, dropping him on the bed. Three more shots were fired into Smith, Wood told police.

 The younger Wood also heard Cobb say, "I'm going to kill you."  The older Wood also was at the apartment and traveled with Cobb and his brother to an Anderson residence, taking Smith's safe and guns.

The trio took a taxi then went to Jennifer Kelly's home in Anderson where they opened the safe and Cobb took some jewelry while the two brothers left. Kelly is Cobb's former step-daughter. Jonathan Woods would later tell police that he and Cobb talked about a self defense story where Smith attacked Cobb with the knife.

 Kelly told police than Jonathan has a gun in his waistband and it appeared they had a wallet with the identification named Smith. Another witness at Kelly's home, Devito Wilson, also told police that he heard Cobb shot and killed someone over raping a girl.

 It was the two brothers parents, who later picked up Cobb and their sons as they were walking along Meridian Street. Jonathan Wood told his parents what happened and Cob used Jonathon's mother's cell phone to make the 911 call.

 This story, told in probable cause affidavits, got Cobb charged with murder, and robbery and the Woods brothers charged with murder. All three face trials after not guilty pleas were entered in their behalf during initial arraignment, although Cobb reportedly admitted shooting Smith, witnessed by Jonathon Wood.





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