Green Coffee Bean Extract and FB Stock After the Zombie Apocalypse

Is the Price of Facebook Stock Affected by Pure Green Coffee Extract and the Zombie Apocalypse?

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MENLO PARK, CA - Facebook stock price is currently at 25.73 on NASDAQ, below the IPO price of $38 per share. Facebook has spent the last twelve months learning how to monetize mobile - quite effectively.

Peter Cohan recently wrote at Forbes that FB stock is over-valued - by as much as 76%. He lays out several reasons why the increase in mobile ad revenue, COO Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In book and the new Facebook Home may not be enough for them to be valued as high as they are currently.

On the other end of the spectrum,   at Seeking Alpha cutely writes that the time to Like Facebook stock is now. Their reasoning is that Facebook is set to reach a "tipping point" larger than the one they experienced in 2004 when they started growing at tremendous rates because they were exclusive and not open to everyone.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Facebook boasts over 1 billion members, but they never seem to talk about how many may be fake accounts set up by spammers or even automatically generated accounts. They have features for users to report spam, but are they doing enough to be transparent about how many genuine and active users they have on the social network?

What happens if the number begins to shrink as people tire of the dictatorship and spend their time elsewhere. No large social network - sorry, Google+ - has managed to replace Facebook, but an audience leaving Facebook may be fragmented and move to many smaller social networks.

A simple Google search shows how many Internet Affiliate Marketers are using the Facebook network without paying for advertising. Are these pages that are not monetized the future of advertising and marketing on Facebook and the other large social networks?

From weight loss pills like Green Coffee Extract to get rich quick schemes, Facebook has many pages dedicated to many different commercial topics disguised as real people.

PBS recently had a good piece on Native Advertising and Sponsored Stories on Facebook, Twitter, Forbes, and even the Onion are cashing in with ad revenue. However, the money streams come to an end if the website is deemed "uncool" and loses legitimate human traffic.

And the FB Zombie Apocalypse?

When talking about Facebook, some are still voicing possible privacy concerns.. A time existed when MySpace was king of the hill and no one - not even Rupert Murdoch - thought the day would come when the website would lose it's cool factor. And yet MySpace is still a virtual ghost-town compared to the social network's heyday. Will Facebook face the same reckoning if a large enough group of users decide to find another home online? Communities are very fluid and transient online sometimes.

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