Paul McCartney Tour Leads Strong Ticket Sales at Upcoming Classic Rock Shows

Classic Rock acts including former Beatles star Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones out sold younger groups in the concert ticket market last week

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MUNCIE, IN - Flashback to the late 1960's and early 1970's: Kids tune their AM radios to hear the Beatles, The Rolling Stones or maybe some Motown tunes. Today few people listen to music via AM, 8 Track, Cassette or CD, opting instead for more modern technology such as satellite radio or MP3. Yet with all those years and changes in between, the hottest concerts so far this year appear to be the Paul McCartney Tour tickets and The Rolling Stones Tickets for the Over 50 Tour. On Broadway Motown The Musical tickets stand as a top performer.

This week the former Beatle starts atop the leader board as the top ticket seller, with a particularly strong volume of people looking to buy tickets to the Paul McCartney Milwaukee tour date and the Paul McCartney Indianapolis show followed by Seattle WA and Washington DC. While the Stones sold less tickets than Sir Paul, The Rolling Stones Philadelphia performance led their dates along with Anaheim. TD Garden shows stand as one of the top events in Boston, holding their own with high ticket sales in the past 7 days.

This Paul McCartney tour, called Out There ends its US dates with the Paul McCartney Seattle Washington concert after a run that includes Orlando FL, Austin TX, Memphis TN, Tulsa OK, Indianapolis IN, Boston MA and Washington DC. Note McCartney added second performances in both Austin and Orlando. Other cities on the Rolling Stones Tour include Las Vegas NV, Toronto ON, San Jose CA, Chicago IL, Oakland CA and Los Angeles CA

To celebrate these classic rock tours and help make tickets cheaper for fans, created the STONES2013 bonus discount code valid for all concerts by all artists. Even before the code, concert ticket prices at live up to their name. Figure in the extra discount coupon code and others appear far behind in the dust. With the low prices and discount code some Rolling Stones tickets may be bought for over 25% below the original printed face value on the ticket particularly the first Anaheim Stones tour date.

Today's teenage girls may scream during a Big Time Rush concert, but their parents are buying tickets for Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones. Who knows, perhaps they will take their children with them so a whole new generation can fall in love with the Beatles and Stones songs enjoyed by all of us from a generation ago.

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