Marsh in Muncie Gets a Facelift

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MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS / PHOTO) - Marsh has been a hometown name in Muncie since 1931 and decided to put that brand back on its store at 1900 N. Walnut St. that was the home of the Wise grocery family.

The local grocer run lately by a big corporation had a reopening of its near DWNTWN store Thursday to show its commitment to the inner city. Marsh just closed another store on East McGalliard.

Tom O'Boyle, Marsh CEO, talked about the company's commitment to the community as the late Ermal Marsh intended when the grocery was founded during the Great Depression.

Not only did the name return to the Walnut store, it has better lighting, a new deli and flower shop besides more items that people want with the same low prices.
Mayor Dennis Tyler was around to greet Marsh executives and recalled how he used to sack groceries as a youth.
And the mayor, a retired firefighter, also remembered that Muncie firefighters like Marsh and several were at the store, stocking up for the nearby McCulloch station.
Early customers got $5 gift cards and a peak at the brighter, better grocery for north Muncie.
Marsh continues to be a big regional name with 97 stores in Indiana and Ohio.