Karen Lang: Activist, Educator, Prophet

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - God is love was the simple message under the portrait of the Lord as Karen Lang told her followers the importance of Advent and HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment.

 A handful of believers at Rainbow Cathedral that was built as church for Christian Scientists in 1937 held every word Lang said since it was the last time she would offer a sermon of God and family at the DWNTWN place of worship.

 Lang delivered a powerful message of hope and love when it came to talking about epidemic of AIDS that gets little attention even in the third world where literally millions of people have died.

 And the preacher who also is a teacher at Ivy Tech Community College reminded the small congregation the importance of belief and family in the community that has seen discrimination, hatred and isolation from main stream religion and society.

It was Lang's story about  Methodist minister who was cast out because he presided over his same sex son's marriage that found the realism that sexual preference is still scorned by many churches.

Just Indiana is one of the last state's still trying to ban same sex marriage in its Constitution, there's concern by social justice advocates that conservative fundamentalist beliefs will dominate the state's social agenda at the Statehouse.

Both Republican Gov. Mike Pence and the Republican controlled Legislature oppose same sex marriage.

And Lang said the government also has been slow to provide more treatment and prevention of the AIDS virus. While that effort is a little better than 30 years ago, more continue to die from the virus.

The virus has killed 6,070 people in Indiana since 1981 and more than 200 residents in Delaware County are currently diagnosed with AIDS or HIV.

Representatives of Meridian Health Services offered free testing and services for those with who might have the virus. Meridian provides help for those with physical or psychological problems.

Lang also encouraged the congregation to embrace family, faith and love to find direction in their lives and to make others do the same. Her retirement future in Florida could include some online writing or video work