Indiana Michigan gives away money to save energy

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) -  Indiana Michigan Power is literally giving away money to business, industry and homeowners to upgrade their heating and cooling systems besides making their buildings more energy efficient.

 Scott Honegger, a utility company representative, told local business and industry leaders this week about rebate programs and energy efficiency work that could save thousands of dollars.

 The utility that covers much of northern Indiana and southern Michigan is required by law to return a portion of their profits to energy efficiency programs that could range from new heating and cooling systems to more elaborate green roof systems.

 The pitch at the Muncie on the Move gathering at the Horizon Convention Center surprised some business leaders and brought homeowners in the crowd wanting more information that can be found at

Honegger had a few examples how some businesses already saved. Glenbrook Square mall in Fort Wayne upgraded its heating, cooling and ventilation system and got a $28,200 rebate and found a 1.7 million KWH savings.

 Any retro commissioning lite, as the utility describes it, can mean a 10 percent cash bonus besides the energy savings. 

Indiana Michigan also has energy efficiency programs for restaurants, groceries, schools and government to help save money.

On the homeowner side, anything from changing lights to improving closure of freezer and refrigerator doors could means rebates and lower utility costs.

The utility handles the paperwork, audit of energy systems and oversees the improvements.

Other larger projects like solar panels and green roofs also mean credits on taxes besides rebates from the utility.

Several business owners who are members of Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce told Honegger they would definitely follow up with the utility.