Tom Jarvis will continue as principal at Muncie IN Central High

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA  (NEWS) -  Muncie schools blended administrators for the single high school in 2014-15, leaving veteran administrator Tom Jarvis in charge at Central.

Joining him will be Southside associate principal Gerry Moore, and Wilson Middle School principal Charles Reynolds that makes up the all male, front office team at Central.

The recommendation by Muncie Supt. Tim Heller and approved unanimously by the Muncie Community School Board raised eyebrows of the predominately female Muncie Teachers Association. Rebecca Thompson is now principal at Southside that is being consolidated with Central and will be a middle school.

The school board wasted no time putting together the new administrative team after deciding to go with one school next month.

Jarvis has the most tenure of the administrative team, working at Muncie schools for 27 years and in three buildings. He also has been athletic director besides a principal and teacher. And he was brought in after the last Central principal was ousted amid allegations he was tardy in reporting a student rape.

Heller pointed out how Jarvis increased academic scores at Central and offered years of experience as a school administrator.

Reynolds has overseen Wilson and Southside besides being around Muncie schools since 2000. And Moore also has a decade of experience as an administrator.

School board member Robert Warrner, a retired teacher, thought Heller's recommendation was a great team. And those appointments besides other assistant principals are two less than currently at Central and South. Warrner was joined by fellow board members Debbie Feick, Tony Costell,. Michael Long and Bev Kelley in supporting the new administrative team.

Warrner asked how many teachers might be laid off by consolidating to one high school. Heller estimated six although he said  the administration had not planned that far ahead.

 As always Pat Kennedy, president of Muncie Teachers Association had nothing to say about the new administrative team, but other MTA members wondered why no women were given the three jobs. And Bev Kelley, school board president, also was concerned that South principal Rebecca Thompson was not included in the mix.

Actually, the board heard from no parent groups or the public on the administrative appointments, unlike a night before when taxpayers and bus drivers criticized school leaders for wanting to end bus service next year.

Heller said transition teams also were in place to consolidate the high schools. The school system closed Northside High School 20 years ago because of declining enrollment, like the decision to close Southside along with declining revenue.