Mike Harley, Muncie NAACP President Dies

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Local Muncie NAACP President Dies Unexpectedly

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Tragedy struck Wednesday when local NAACP President Mike Harley was found dead by his wife, Lynetta.

Harley, 40, literally brought the local NAACP back from the dead after the organization languished in recent years.

His activism to create jobs and help people in need was extraordinary like the recent NAACP turkey giveaway.

An auto worker, Harley teamed up with Black Expo for a gathering last summer and also was working on a Christmas giveaway with partners from Guiden Light.

William Lee, who presides over the group that helps people, said he just worked with Harley last weekend to clear snow and ice from sidewalks of homes of those who need help.

While an autopsy is still underway, Lee said Harley seemed ill and did not get back with him this week on the Christmas project.

Yvonne Thompson, director of Muncie's Human Rights Commission, said Harley just talked to an investigator in her office yesterday.

Harley was a tireless champion of those in need, and Thompson said he brought new life and action to the local NAACP.

She shed tears knowing the community lost another activist last summer with the passing of Aamir Shabazz to cancer.