Robert P. Bell Teachers Creativity Grants Awarded to Local Teachers


MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, Inc. has announced that the following Robert P. Bell grants totaling $754 have been awarded to local teachers for the second grant cycle of the 2013-2014 academic year. It is estimated that over 272 Delaware County students will benefit from these grants.

  • Beth Gonser, Delta Middle School, was awarded $69 for sixth grade science students to investigate the physical science components of potential and kinetic energy by designing and constructing model cards made entirely of pasta.  Students will draw scale models of their designs, test their cars on a ramp, and graph the data collected during the test races.

  • Kevin Joseph, Daleville Elementary School, was awarded $147 for sixth grade science students to learn about the relationships between organisms and their ecosystems by working in pairs to dissect worms.  Each pair will label the outside characteristics of the worms, dissect and label the internal characteristics, and discuss how the external and internal structures are necessary for the worms’ survival.  Students will also draw the worms in a notebook and write about the experience in a brief paper.

  • Felicia Gray, East Washington Academy, was awarded $260 for students to use LEGOS to explore fractions concepts.  Students will use their LEGO models to compare fractions, create equivalent fractions, and place fractions in value order.  They will also explore geometric concepts with their LEGO models by calculating the perimeter and area of each creation.  

  • Becky Juday, East Washington Academy, was awarded $278 for fifth grade students to participate in a unit titled, “Shadows of our Past Impacting our Present.” They will use a shadow light theater by creating scripts and designing movements to portray a time in the history of the United States.  The play will involve the movements completed behind a screen by the students with lights shining on students at different angles and depths to create the visual effects telling the story without words in the form of shadows on the front of the screen.  Students will showcase their shadow light theater for other classmates, parents, and community members.

These grants were partially funded through a gift from the Jane E. Hughes Education Fund at The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County.  As a lifelong educator, Jane taught for many years in Muncie Community Schools and spent part of her career with Ball State University’s Teachers College.  Her family designated this gift in memory of Jane’s work and passion for educating the children of this community.

Bell Grants of up to $450 are awarded to teachers with innovative ideas, programs or projects designed to stimulate learning in their students. The deadline for the next round of grants in the 2013-2014 academic year is February 1, 2014. For more information about Bell Grant applications, contact Suzanne Kadinger, Foundation Program Officer, at Information is also available at