Welcome to BSU: Don't Try This at Home


MUNCIE, INDIANA - Looking for a little fun, some Muncie citizens decided to brave the cold - for just long enough to take this photo that is currently going viral online. (Click image to see larger version.)

The snowmen were constructed on Sunday and the photo was taken on Monday. Talia Traub, Candace King, Brittany Roe, Chelsy Wooten Jones and Casey Clement jumped out of a nearby car, took this shot, then rushed back in to the warm vehicle waiting.

"My friend Mike Davis and I were getting some groceries Sunday afternoon at Walmart South and were bored and thought about the idea of making giant snowmen at a major intersection in Muncie and try to get our snowmen on tv for the Ball State Football game at the Go Daddy Bowl," said Mark McCoy.

"So then I posted that we were going to make snowmen on Facebook and people started commenting that they wanted to be involved. So I said the location and time and people showed up and the snowmen became a reality."

The photo has gone viral online and has been talked about by most local media.

"The media attention is absolutely amazing and really has went viral across Facebook, radio stations, tv stations, and other social network sites," McCoy added.

Mark McCoy and Mike Davis who came up with the idea.

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