Gas City Firefighter Fights Blaze in Cold


GAS CITY, INDIANA (NEWS) - Gas City firefighter Tim Horn fought a working house fire in Gas City last night. After battling that until it was put out, he left to deliver mail according to Brian Patrick Swanner. Horn is also a Marine.

No one was injured in the house fire that occurred in the 200 block of East South "E" street. The photo (click for a larger version) was taken by Maegan Burbank, wife of Gas City firefighter Brody Burbank, who was also on the scene. 

If you know a first responder, be sure to thank them for the rest of us. We appreciate all they do - delivering mail in subzero conditions included! Muncie Fire Department / Muncie Police Department / Delaware County, IN E911 Communications Center /City of Muncie and the list goes on.


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