Carvers Cleaning Services Enters into New Partnership with Indiana Laborers Union

Woman-Owned Company with Decades of Experience is Quality Driven


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (NEWS) -  Carvers Cleaning Services today announced they have created a dynamic new partnership with the Indiana Laborers Union with a focus on quality and excellence in service.

Carvers Cleaning Services is a woman-owned business.  Carvers is currently awaiting their WBE certification from the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis.  Carvers has over 29 years of experience providing high-quality and customer-focused construction cleaning services throughout Indiana.  Carvers performs all types of large and small construction cleaning services including:  general construction cleaning and final construction cleaning.  Carvers is also well equipped to perform post-construction long-term building maintenance and janitorial services.  Carvers performs work throughout Indiana.
Owner Veda Carver said of the new partnership, “Carvers is truly excited about the new opportunities this presents for us to work with union contractors.  We have over 29 years of experience in the construction industry, so we are greatly looking forward to continuing our proud history while building for future growth.”

Ward Daniels, Business Manager for Laborers Local 120, commented on the new partnership, “Carvers Cleaning Services is an outstanding company with a great history and solid reputation. We look forward to a long partnership with this great company.”

Carvers Cleaning Services corporate headquarters is located at: 5540 Varna Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46221.  For more information, please contact Veda Carver at: 317-985-2145 or via email at: [email protected]

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