Ivy Tech Launching One Year Associate Degree Program


MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Ivy Tech Community College East Central Region is launching a one year associate degree program called Associate Accelerated Program (known as ASAP). The Muncie campus will offer an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and an Associate of Science in Education. The Anderson campus will offer an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. These degrees are an excellent foundation for both entering the workforce, as well as transfer to a variety of baccalaureate programs across the State.

With the ASAP program, a student will complete their associate degree in one year instead of the traditional two year track. This should enable the majority of graduate ASAP students (depending on area of study) to be placed at some institutions, such as Indiana University, Purdue University and Ball State University, at junior level upon their admission.

Each ASAP student is assigned an academic and life skills coach that offers support and guidance throughout his or her year. The East Central Region recently hired Josh Arthur as their ASAP regional director. Arthur has 12 years of experience in beginning and advancing local community development and educational initiatives in East Central Indiana. He has a passion for holistic student success and is committed to the academic, personal, formational, and vocational growth of each student.

“The ASAP program is a great way to earn a credential quickly and affordably, as well as develop personally, socially and academically,” says Arthur. “The ASAP program statewide has shown tremendous results with 86 percent earning a degree or still enrolled after twelve months, which is five times better than the average Ivy Tech Community College student.”

In 2013, the Lumina Foundation awarded a grant of more than $2.2 million to allow for expansion of the ASAP program statewide throughout Ivy Tech Community College. Along with that, local support from donations has helped fund East Central efforts, including stipends for qualified students. Financial aid is available as well, including Pell Grants for those that qualify. Overall, the cost of the ASAP degree is less than a third compared to any other college in Indiana, and for students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, could be at little to no cost.

“Our ASAP degree is one of the many ways we are tailoring our programs to meet student needs,” says Andy Bowne, chancellor for the East Central and Richmond regions. “We are striving for student success and seeing them graduate with a credential is the ultimate goal. When they graduate in one year instead of two, it’s a win-win.”

ASAP serves students graduating high school who are prepared to enter college academically, but face obstacles. The students attend school full-time, almost 40 hours a week. Students are also in a learning group, called a cohort, which allows them to form a close community and provide peer support for each other. Additional development learning will be provided for further exposure and access to community resources.

The first cohort group will begin June 2014 and enrollment is limited to 30 students per campus. Interested candidates should visit ivytech.edu/ASAP to fill out an interest form, call 888-IVY-LINE, or speak with their high school guidance counselor.

Visit ivytech.edu/ASAP for more information on the program and click on the link to view the ASAP story featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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