Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful has Annual Meeting

Lynn Thornburg served as a board member for MDCB from 1984 until 2010. She recalled former awards, "golden brooms," and was honored to receive an Oscar years after she helped come up with the idea.

Engaging Neighborhoods is the Theme for Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful in 2014

By Stephanie Tarrant

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - "Is this your bag, Mayor?" 

As Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful board member James Dalton picked a little brown bag off the ground, he turned to neighborhood leaders and public officials inside the Columbia Theater and asked, "Is it yours?"

Members of the community and board directors met Thursday night for the annual MDCB meeting to acknowledge a year of achievements and dedication to improving the quality of life and place in Delaware Co., which Mayor Dennis Tyler says is all of our obligation.

"With a lot of vacancy in muncie there's a lot of opportunity and potential to be creative whether it be with art or gardening, even storm water and best management practices," Donati said. He thinks MDCB emphasizes a larger community effort with all the different areas and communities in Muncie. 

This year's theme is Engaging Neighborhoods, and MDCB President Jason Donati says there's a lot of people that are working hard to keep the community nice, and the volunteer-based group is always looking for help. 

According to former board member Lynn Thornburg, when the group changed their name from Muncie Clean City 25 years ago, their hope was to expand further into the community. Participation is always welcome at MDCB.

The group's efforts in the community include beautifying medians, the Urban Garden Initiative and cleaning downtown the thirdSaturday of every month. For more information about joining Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful, visit them online via Facebook or

Prime Trust Financial was able to donate $3,024.00 to MDCB after the 2013-2014 BSU Football fundraiser. (Photo credit: Stephanie Tarrant)

"The White River isn't going to clean up itself," James Dalton said at the MDCB meeting Thursday. The 2014 initiative is to unite neigborhoods and neighbors who support the importance of living in a clean and beautiful place. (Photo credit: Stephanie Tarrant)

Mayor Dennis Tyler opened Thursday night's Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful meeting with a message: we have an obligation to improve our quality of life and quality of place. (Photo credit: Stephanie Tarrant)

Members of Delaware Co. filled a dim Columbia Theater on Thursday for the Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful annual meeting. (Photo credit: Stephanie Tarrant)

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