Jay and Shirley Pittenger Talk About Muncie Sports

Jay and Shirley PIttenger Interview in Muncie Central Memorabilia Room


MUNCIE, INDIANA (VIDEO) - Rick Yencer interviewed Jay and Shirley PIttenger at the final Muncie Central South game at the Fieldhouse last Friday night as the two teams together one last time.

The Pittenger's talk about the historic last game between the two high schools in Muncie as well as how they came to be curators of all the local history found in the Fieldhouse.

"We said that sounds like a good idea to us," Jay Pittenger said as he talked about how him and his wife came to be associated with the Muncie Central memorabilia room at the Fieldhouse.

While the memoriabilia room is open during all games, they'll also open it up for groups who want to come through and taste a little of Muncie's rich history.

The last Central South game attracted a record crowd as the community came together to say thanks for memories and head toward making the idea of One Muncie a reality.

Video shot by: Haley Turk