NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Weather Update

Photo by Gabriel Argudo Jr

Sports Betting May Revolve Around Whether the Weather Affects the Big Game


EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY (NEWS) - Will the weather turn out to be the winner of the 2014 Super Bowl? This is a question some are still asking now that the game is less than a week away and the weather is still frigid and cold throughout the United States.

The National Weather Service has said that gameday will be fairly uneventful when it comes to the weather, but everybody knows that meteorologists can get it wrong. With six days to go until the Super Bowl is played, there's a chance that weather conditions could take a turn for the worse.

It all depends on whether a storm expected to hit Saturday moves slow or fast. This uncertainty has a lot of people wondering whether the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are going to be able to use their familiar strategies in the Super Bowl.

When it comes to sports betting, websites like are more than happy to help fans by giving them all the latest information, including odds and lines for the game. As you may know, the Broncos are known for their passing game. Some are wondering if high winds and bad weather will curb the success of this strategy.

According to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Bernie Rayno the temperature for game day could be around 32 degrees, which is lower than normal (which is 40 degrees) for the area. Still, depending on the speed of the storm blowing through, the Super Bowl may end up having problems. This is why some oddsmakers are having trouble coming up with accurate odds and lines on the game.

On the bright side, players from both teams are already in New Jersey and are acclimating to the weather. This may help them some, but it all comes down to what the weather is going to be like next Sunday for the actual game.

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