The Bonesetters Figure It Out in Muncie

Dan Snodgrass Plays at Village Green Records. Photo by Heather Collins

By Heather Collins

MUNCIE, INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT) - The Bonesetters returned to their former hometown of Muncie, IN on Thursday night to pre-release their latest album, "Figure It Out," at Village Green Records.

Several music enthusiasts filled the small record store located in The Village to celebrate and reunite with rock-n-roll band, The Bonesetters.

"It's a special opportunity to have something intimate with the music," said Travis Harvey, owner of Village Green Records.

Harvey pushed record bins filled with the latest and greatest albums of the past, the region and the world to the side to make space for a variety of amps, microphones, cables, guitars, musicians and a drum set. The record store cat swiftly made the kick drum hole his home for a few minutes prior to the show.

The Bonesetters and Ohio-based band CLIFFS are the first bands to play in 2014 in the small, colorful and community-oriented record shop. Harvey described The Bonesetters as an old Muncie classic and said both bands had a great set, great energy and a great attitude.

CLIFFS opened up the evening and by the end of the set the drummer announced to the crowd, "make as much ruckus as you can with product staying in-tact." Harvey agreed to the sentiment and encouraged show-goers to move closer and be more intimate with the band.

Part of that product was the new album, "Figure It Out" by The Bonesetters. The Bonesetters created the 7-song album during downtime since their last album, "Savages," which is a musical tribute of sorts to the downtown Muncie bar of the same name.

Dan Snodgrass Plays at Village Green Records. Photo by Heather Collins

Their latest album, "Figure it Out," transforms the band from sprites with doo-wop hooks into grandiouse giants of crescendoing and layered melodies with spot-on meaningful lyrics and intricate beats.

In the track, "Golden Youth," Snodgrass belts, "O you know, of the danger/ O you know, of the danger," and for that brief moment listeners may feel a sudden lump in their throat transform into their wild side bellying-up to the room with a sudden urge to run amuck, discover existence and do what feels right.

The band began recording "Figure It Out," in November of 2012 with Tyler Watkins of Margot and The Nuclear So and So's. The band described the album creation as a group effort and each band member partakes in the writing process of each piece.

"We each bring different ideas and flush them out," said Dan Snodgrass, lead singer of The Bonesetters.

The band members include Snodgrass on vocals and guitar, Sam Shafer on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Drew Malott on bass and Cody Davis on drums.

While the group was hush-hush about the meaning of each song, Sam Shafer believes the album describes in-part The Bonesetters going to school and figuring it out. Snodgrass hopes the listeners figures out their own interpretation of the album and gets what they want out of the music and lyrics.

The band was recently featured in Paste Magazine in the article, "10 Indiana Bands You Should Listen to Now," which also included Apache Dropout and The Kemps.

The Bonesetters recently played the Bright Winter Festival located in Cleveland, Ohio. The two-hour commute from Columbus to Cleveland turned into a six-hour snowy drive for the roaming musicians, but the festival provided the group with a chance to play along side Indie acts such as Andrew Bird and The Pomegranates.

When asked why they chose to utilize Village Green records as their Muncie album release venue, Snodgrass shared his growing affinity for playing unconventional all-ages venues.

"It shakes your bones a little bit to play in a place where music hasn't been," said Snodgrass.

The Bonesetters favorite unconventional venues include the Do317 Lounge located in Indianapolis, Jacob Gardener's house affectionally called Debbie's Palace of Laundry and various art galleries.

The Bonesetters pressed 300 vinyl records and created 25 cassette tapes for the release of "Figure It Out."

"CDs are dead," said Snodgrass.

 Sam Shafer plays at Village Green Records. Photo by Heather Collins

Snodgrass credited the resurgence of the vinyl record to the fact that in the digital age the tangible music medium serves as more of an artifact to the listener. He further explained that when listening to the vinyl and through the expansion of the sound that vinyl provides the listener can feel as if he or she is in the room.

CLIFFS drummer gave a colorful review of the album, announcing to the crowd, "it comes in white and orange and it smells like schnozzberries."

You'll have to take your own whiff of the album to figure that out.

Stay tuned in with Bonesetters via their Facebook and Twitter. The Bonesetters will be returning to Muncie in March to play Be Here Now in The Village.

When asked for a final note on the record release, Snodgrass, decked out in a beautiful library cardigan, sweetly stated, "We love you."

We love you too.

The full album is available on The Bonesetters band camp page for $7. The album is also available in limited qualities in a beautiful orange or white vinyl and cassette tape and enclosed with a digital download. The album can also be streamed via most internet distributors and is available at Village Green records for your purchasing enjoyment. Vinyl and cassettes can also be purchased via Rhed Rholl Recordings and In Store Recordings.


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