Super Ads: 2014 Super Bowl Commercials List Looks Interesting

Volkswagen 2014 Super Bowl Ad: Wings


MUNCIE, INDIANA - Super Bowl XLVIII is here and while some are excited about the big game, many others are interested in the commercials that will play before, during and after the game. With an estimated 100 million people set to watch the biggest sporting event in the U.S., advertisers have paid up to $4.5 million for a 30-second spot.

This year some companies are getting an early start and purchasing additional Internet advertising (with Google Adwords, for instance) in order to push more people to see their ad online. Some, like Volkswagen, are actually airing their big commercial online before the game. Here's a look at the 2014 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial: Wings. (And in related news, a new Volkswagen dealership has opened in Muncie on McGalliard.)


A lot of them were "leaked" early in order to build more buzz about them and make sure companies get their money's worth of publicity. While 100 million may seem like a lot of people, the Super Bowl actually pales in comparison to other sporting events around the world - like football/soccer. The World Cup will have an estimated 2.8 billion viewers this year.

GoDaddy Goes Buff

Rather than scantily clad women this year, GoDaddy is shifting focus to heavily oiled and muscled men (and one woman) who rush through the city streets to get to a tanning sale. Other brands decided to use a play from GoDaddy's book by being steamy. Dannon Yogurt has a spot with John Stamos having some of the creamy yogurt licked off his lip. The other guys from Full House show up and ruin the moment for him before it can go further.

Budweiser is another company who leaked their Super Bowl ad early. And this year instead of humor, they're going with the "Awwww..." factor by using puppies. Here's that commercial if you want to check it out before the big game.


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