Super Bowl 48 in Muncie, Indiana: Fun, food, and friends

Super Bowl 48 Muncie Style. Photo by Rick Yencer

Plenty to do at sports bars, clubs, on campus

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (SPORTS) - Judging from the crowd at Buffalo Wild Wings and elsewhere in Muncie, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were the favorites to win Super Bowl 48.

But the repeated possessions and field goals by the Seattle Seahawks, gave local Peyton fans some time for concern.

Hundreds flocked to bars, clubs and other private parties at Ball State and in neighborhoods as the National Football League played its biggest game.

The bar crawl throughout Muncie Sunday afternoon leading up to the kickoff found weekly drawings, food specials and people waiting in line for carry out food at places like BW3, Greek's and Scotty's Brew House.

Nichole Rawlings, working the bar at Scotty's said a good crowd always comes into the Village for the Super Bowl and the college bar also pushes game day catering of wings and scooters.

While Ball State dorms have Super Bowl parties, there's the same off campus, and Rawlings said there's never a big crowd of students. 

That was not the case at Buffalo Wild Wings near Muncie Mall that was slammed by dozens of people wanting a brew and wings.

Dena Watkins and her friends were watching the same, waiting for Manning to score as Seattle jumped out to 15-0 lead with a touchdown from a turnover, a couple field goals and a safety with a missed snap by Manning that started the game. The crowd started to wane after halftime when Seattle scored a touchdown in their first possession and then ran the game to a 43-8 blowout at the end.

A handful of people had those orange No. 18 Manning jerseys wanting to see the former Indiana Colts quarterback win another Super Bowl with a different team, being the only quarterback to achieve that feat.Later they could not believed the best quarterback in the NFL was beat by a seldom known Seahawk linebacker named Malcolm Smith who was named MVP.

Down McGalliard Road, the Murpah Shrine Club had a carry in for families that was open to the public. The group helps children and adults offers its club for reunions, meetings and parties.

Greg Stinefield, club president, said the group had more than 80 members that raise money and awareness for those in need. Shriners also have medical facilities for those of disability and other chronic illness.

Some other south Muncie bars like Gene's and Workman's had carry in dinners for their regulars while other places like the Red Dog and Timber's had regular food and drink specials for those who wanted to come out.

Nick Nottingham, who ran the former Brass Depot, was at the Red Dog waiting for the Sunday drawing, talking about how Manning would win his second Super Bowl. His lucky number came up as the crowd watched the Indiana-Michigan basketball game that the Hoosiers won.

Red Dog owner Lewis Coulter said many people say home for the Super Bowl and he was planned nothing special for the game.

Even Buffalo Wild Wings was promoting carry out wings and dozens of people stood in line Sunday night, watching the game from television screens on every wall besides the jumbo screens in the bar.

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