Yorktown newest stakeholder in $400 million Mounds Lake

Mounds Lake Proposal

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Engineering on the proposed Mounds Lake in Madison and Delaware counties has started as the list of stakeholders continues to grow.

The list includes sponsors like Irving Materials and the Cook family that owns Mounds Mall, and now has Yorktown that is the northern boundary of the 13 billion gallon facility that could also be a water source for Indianapolis.

Rob Sparks, executive director of the development effort, talked with Delaware County officials this week about the status of the project and plans that could be rolled out this summer.

DLZ of Indianapolis is the primary engineer handling the survey, hydrology and environmental study for the project, Madison County secured a $600,000 state grant to do the study that also looks at the option of using the reservoir to supplement Morse and Geist reservoirs in Indianapolis.

Sparks said as much of 2,500 acres of land would be flooded for the lake that would be formed by a 50-foot dam near 18th and Lynn streets in Anderson. The lake would run through Mounds Park, and portions of Chesterfield and Daleville. 

The study will look at possible lake boundaries and some farm owners in western Delaware County are concerned the lake could flood their property.

Mike Blanch farms along Priest Ford Bridge off Ind. 32 and knows the flooding potential of the current White River.

Blanch wanted to know more details of water depths and actual boundaries, and Sparks said that information was being gathered in the latest study.

James King, Delaware County Commissioner president, thought the lake would only extend to High Banks Bridge downstream from Yorktown. Some areas of Daleville - where a park and canoe launch are located - could be flooded for the lake.

The Mounds Lake group plans more meetings in the spring to discuss the study and concerns. A Heart of the River activist group is fighting the project over concerns about its impact to the watershed.

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