Art, Sushi and a Brass Line at Be Here Now

Picture  of local artist, Neal Soley and the basement of Be Here Now. Soley designed and painted the floor adjacent to the stage. Soley recently hosted an art demonstration on how-to stretch canvas during Wednesday nights Art Night at Be Here Now.

Prepare for glue, scissors, sushi and a brass line every Wednesday at Be Here Now.

By Heather Collins

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Blue Sky Carnival Band are providing the tunes for Art Night hosted by Glue and Scissors Society on Wednesday nights at Be Here Now, located in The Village.

Blue Sky Carnival Band consists of a horn section, drums, guitar, keyboards and band leader, Tim Breckon. Members of the band were recently featured on the NBA All-Star Game commercial. The group can be seen during the last seconds of the advertisement.

The band is currently participating in Hard rock Cafe's battle of the band Global edition. A free download of the band's original tune, "Please Computer," is available for download for Battle of the Bands voters.

Attendees can enjoy a lovely blend of sushi, music and art.

Leisha Jenkins, a Ball State student and music director for WCRD, regularly attends the Art Nights and Blue Sky Carnival Band concerts and said she really enjoys the band and the sushi.

"It's refreshing," said Jenkins."I just feel like this is real musicianship."

Jenkins further explained that Blue Sky Carnival Band really mixes it up, sometimes bringing in an entire brass line for the concert.

"You always get a different blend," said Jenkins.

Blue Sky Carnival Band plays from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. every Wednesday night at Be Here Now during Art Night. The large ensembles plays covers such as "Fever," "Minnie the Moocher," and the James Brown hit, "I feel Good." The band also weaves in original tunes including, "Please Computer" and "Burgers and Fries."

Art Night is hosted by the Glue and Scissors Society. The Glue and Scissors Society is a grassroots non-profit art collective developed two years ago by artists hoping to get their work out and help other artists get their work seen as well.

The group been under different leadership since its birth and members have seen the group morph under the different leaders. Artists Brandon Beeson and Kirsten Voelkel said the Glue and Scissors Society is more event-oriented now compared to its inception.

Beeson is seen regularly at Be Here Now working on oil painting portraits and Voelkel is one of the lovely bartenders at Be Here Now, who also enjoys costume accessory design. The Glue and Scissors Society is now led by Chase Craig and Marta Vitolins.

Art Night at Be Here Now includes sushi, portraits and art demonstrations.

Local artist, Neal Soley recently did a demonstration on how-to stretch canvas and build your own canvas. Soley said more than 15 people attended the demonstration at the bar including artists, art students and do-it-yourselfers.

Soley believes that Art Night is great chance for artists to learn from experienced artists and be exposed to different mediums. Soley designed and painted the colorful bottom floor of Be Here Now.

The Glue and Scissors Society will host a Swingers Ball and Valentine's Day Formal at Be Here Now on Friday, Feb 14. Jazz septet, The Jazz Agents will perform Doo-Wop hits and Big Band tunes for the posh dance party, DJ Craig Sandman Smith will finish out the night.

The event will also including a "Luck of the Draw" dance, love Tarot card readings and swing dance lessons. The event begins at 8 p.m.


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