Karaoke at Valhalla in Downtown Muncie

DWNTWN is the Original Muncie

By Heather Collins

MUNCIE, INDIANA (ENTERTAINMENT) - Craig Smith is back hosting karaoke two weeks after the closing of Folly Moon. Smith will now be hosting karaoke at The Valhalla located at 215 S. Walnut in Downtown, Muncie every Sunday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Smith will also be hosting Trivia Night at The Heorot on Monday nights from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Smith previously hosted Game Night and karaoke at Folly Moon prior to the bar closing.

Smith said during his downtime he researched other karaoke venues and he believes that Valhalla can honestly offer more to karaoke attendees -- aside from the liquor.

Valhalla does offer a wide-array of specialty beers. The venue is located adjacent to The Heorot Pub and Draught House and offers more than 66 different types of ales, lagers and ciders on draft and more than 350 kind of bottled beers. According to  Draft Magazine, The Heorot and Valhalla have made the middle of Indiana a serious beer destination.

Smith said he is excited about what the new venue has to offer as far as the stage and crowd.

"It's not just about the vocals," said Smith. "You get you get to have your three of four minutes of spotlight and put on a show. This venues really offers a lot and makes you feel like you're performing a concert.

Karaoke at the Valhalla includes a full light and sound set-up, a wide-screen projector which features contestants on the big screen, and a chance to strut their stuff on a big stage.

Tommy Trosper hit the stage to sing Tool's "Forty-Six and Two" and by the end of the song was using his cane as an air guitar, making it quite a show.

"Its great to see familiar faces and see new faces where they can all come together and have a good time and put aside their differences," said Devi Do, assistant to Smith.

Edward Delk followed Smith from Folly to Valhalla and proclaims that karaoke is his man-cave.

"Craig is crazy-awesome. He's an outstanding entertainer and he brings the people in," said Delk. "If you haven't met him, you haven't witnessed magic."

Smith was suited in a white button-up shirt, black-rimmed glasses, a red bow-tie and jeans for the premiere of karaoke at Valhalla. Smith has been hosting karaoke and various other bar nights at different venues for more than three years. He began his hosting career at Doc's Music Hall.

At the start of the evening more than 16 people had already signed up to get their chance in the spotlight.

Smith will also host Trivia Night at The Heorot on Monday's from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Smith will give away a portion of bar certificate cash prizes during each round, with the winning team earning a bonus.

Upcoming events at The Valhalla also include Little Mania and a Male revue, stay tuned for more information.


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