Angry exchange leaves Eaton IN man dead

By Rick Yencer

EATON, IN (NEWS) -  An early morning exchange of words, a couple of punches and a knife stab left a man bleeding to death in a yard at the hands of an acqauintance.

Korbin Bubp told a friend "I must have got him" as he rode away in a truck after allegedly stabbing Lester Robinson II in the neck. Bubp thought he hit his arm until he saw blood on the truck window.

 Bubp, 25, was charged with voluntary manslaught after police recovered the pocket knife and statements Bubp and friends made implicated him as the suspect. He remains in jail under no bond.

Eaton Marshall Jonathan Snodgrass said the incident started with an exchange of words where Bubp verbal abused Robinson who threw a couple of punches that caused Bubp to pull out the knife and stab him.

Bubp had come from Albany to Eaton to drop off a friend at the home on Long Street and saw Robinson in the yard, waving his hands. Bubp called his a child, a stupid fuck and not worth his time.

After the altercation, another man, Nick White called police and said Richardson had been stabbed by Bubp. Police found Richardson bleeding in the yard, and he later died by IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

Bubp was found in Hartford City with friends and returned to Delaware County for questioning. He acknowledged during a police interview that he did not know why he pulled the knife, but then said if he had a gun, he would have shot Richardson.

A witness, Andrew Jackson, was sitting in a seat behind Bubp and told police he saw the suspect making a stabbing motion several times toward Richardson. Jackson said he tried to stop the fight and said Richardson later told him he had been stabbed.

Another witness, Braiden Wright, repeated the comment Bubp made about stabbing Richardson and drove him to Hartford City after the incident.

Snodgrass said Richardson and Bubp attended Delta school and were acqauinted. Bubp also has drug related and other criminal convictions.

The suspect will be arraigned next week after the state reviews the case and files formal charges.

It is the second homicide in Eaton in recent months. William V. Martz faces a murder charge for allegedly shooting Mark Gilland.




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