Korbin Bubp formally charged with manslaughter in fatal stabbing

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Korbin Bubp might use self defense as an argument to fight a manslaughter charge accusing him of killing Lester Richardson II with a knife.

Bubp, 25, remains in Delaware County Jail under no bond as the state filed formal charges of voluntary manslaughter against the suspect this week.

That charge alleged Bubp killed Richardson while acting under sudden heat with a knife, contrary to state law.

That sudden heat after Richardson punched Bubp for calling him a stupid fuck and not worth his time, could give the suspect a defense that others were involved in the argument.

Defense attorney Jill Gonzalez, who entered an appearance for Bupb, said self defense was a possibility as she reviewed statements and events leading up to the fight between the two.

Bubp was in a truck with other friends when they drove to an Eaton home where Richardson was in the yard and waving his hands.  The suspect told the victim that he was a child, a stupid fuck and was not worth his time.

 That caused Richardson to punch Bubp and Bubp then took out a pocket knife and pushed it toward Richardson. Bubp told a friend he must have got him after he saw blood on the truck window.

Bubp went to Hartford City with friends and Richardson laid in the yard and bled to death.The suspect even went as far to say if he had a gun, he would have shot Richardson.

The two were friends in high school and police think drugs were involved in the argument. Bubp has a criminal record involving both drugs and alcohol.

Hannah Funkhouser, the mother of Bubp's two sons, said she left Bubp because of drug problems but there still was good in him.

She visitied Bubp in jail this week and told him about his boys. The children still ask where their daddy is, and Funkhouser said he loved his sons.

As the probable cause affidavit suggests, Funkhouser believed something made Bubp snap and lash out at Richardson. And she said others in the truck contributed to the argument that caused Bubp to take out a knife.

The recent manslaughter case has gone viral on social media, and Funkhouser said she had been threatened by friends of Richardson. She had known Bubp for several years and hoped he will get a fair trial.

 The case was the second of its kind in Eaton during recent months. It was more than 20 years since the last violent death in the small Delaware County town.




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