Murder not manslaughter says family of Lester Richardson II

Korbin Bubp makes first court appearance on Monday

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - Korbin Bubp looked down and away as he sat with the accused while the family of Lester Richardson II showed the pain and anger over losing their beloved "Bear."

That nickname was obvious as the victim's father, Lester Richardson, a large man with a snow white beard, said it was difficult to talk about losing a son after Bubp and Richardson fought during the early morning of Feb. 20 in Eaton.

Chris Selvey, Richardson's cousin, wore his contempt for Bubp on his chest, with the words Murder not Manslaughter drawn on a tee-short.

Monday's arraignment in Delaware Circuit Court 4 was only minutes as defense attorney Jill Gonzalez entered an appearance, offered a not guilty plea and took a June 30 trial date from Judge John Feick.

The state read the single charge of voluntary manslaughter, alleging Bubp knowingly killed Richardson with a knife in sudden heat.

Some of Richardson's family think there was more intention in Bubp's action, especially when he said "I must have got him" to a friend as they drove off and Richardson's blood splattered on the vehicle's window. Richardson's last words, according to a witness, was that Bubp had stabbed him.

 The elder Richardson hesitated to talk about his son, saying the state warned him not to talk with media.

Feick read the charge and explained maximum sentence of 50 years for manslaughter with a minimum of 20. Murder carries a 60 year maximum and even death under certain circumstances..

Gonzalez took the offensive, indicating self defense on Bubp's part and a witness that would testify about what happened when the two fought.  Police talked to others with Bubp who said Richardson threw the first punches and Bubp responded with a knife.

 Bubp also wants a speedy trial, given he remains in jail without bond. There was no indication Monday on any bail request.

More than 300 people attended Richardson's funeral last month where he was described as a kind soul who helped others. Both went to Delta High School and Richardson worked in a factory in Hartford City. 

The killing was the second in Eaton during recent months after Billie Martz faces murder for allegedly shooting Mark Gilland who also were friends.  


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