2014 Kentucky Derby & Oaks Coming in May

Photo by Jennifer C.

The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports is Approaching


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - Most of the United States is just beginning to recover from the Polar Vortex of 2014, but that hasn't stopped quite a few people from looking ahead at the 2014 Kentucky Derby - the biggest horse race of the entire year.

The Derby has been run for over a hundred years, but there's just as much excitement today - if not more - than there was for the very first race many years ago. While it's still March, many people are already looking at the top Kentucky Derby contenders.

Here's a look at some of the horses who are in the running as of now.

  • Honor Code - This horse has a lot of people talking. While the colt is considered a contender this year, many people are unsure of his normal racing style, which gives them pause on predicting he will win.
  • Candy Boy - With only ten points, this colt needs to win the final prep race if he's going to be in the Kentucky Derby at all. And yet, many people believe he's going to do it AND has a good chance of winning the race.
  • Intense Holiday - This colt is another favorite because of his ability to get started fast right out of the gate. When racing against some of the fastest horses from around the world, this is a talent you want to have for sure.

The information above can and probably will change over the next few weeks. For those that like to bet on the Kentucky Derby, this means a lot of research between now and the start of the horse race. The good news is that there are many places online that can help you decide who you think is going to win.

Kentucky Derby Betting

Of course, all the talk of the upcoming race has many people wondering where to get updated Kentucky Derby odds. The good news is that thanks to the Internet, they're not difficult to get at all. Knowning what the sportsbooks are saying about the horse race is important for anyone who wants to wager or just know who has the biggest chance of winning this year.

Along with Mint Julips and high-class outfits on Millionaire's Row, placing bets on the Kentucky Derby is a time honored tradition.


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