Parkview Nursing Home Has 1st Annual Employee of the Year

at right, Kim Dixon CNA Parkview Nursing Center, Employee of the Year!

By Heather Collins

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) - There's positivity happening in Muncie and positive people. On Thursday, Eleven corporate leaders, staff and residents gathered in the Activity Room at Parkview Nursing Center to recognize this year's Employee of the Year award recipient.

This is the first Annual Employee of the Award ceremony at Parkview Nursing Center. Throughout the year, Parkview Nursing Center has begun recognizing Employee's of the Month. The awards program was put in place to better recognize those go above and beyond.

This year's award winner was nursing staff member, Kimberly Dixon. Staff, family members and residents filled out slips to nominate staff members for the employee of the year award.

Residents remarked that Dixon continuously gave excellent care, has a great smile, is always friendly, always helped others and remains very pleasant while doing so. Dixon has maintained positive relationships with residential family members and is said to be over-all very pleasant throughout her work.

"She's always very personable and friendly," said Brittany Haley, the Life Enrichment Director at Parkview Nursing Center. "She has a lot of patience even with the most difficult tasks and is always willing to help out. I think the residents and staff made an excellent decision in making her employee of the year."

Two department heads, 8 members of the nursing staff  and 2 members of the life enrichment department were nominated for this year's Employee of the Year.

Employees went through several handwritten comment cards in order to choose this year's winner.

Each employee nominated received special recognition by their supervisor and a boutonniere at the Employee of the Year event. This past year's Employee of the Month winners also received a special parking place and their name on the plaque of the Employee of the Month trophy.

The Activity Area of the facility was adorned in blue decor, staff members created various hors d'oeuvres including stuffed mushrooms, cucumber sandwiches, sweet 'n' sour meatballs, a vegetable platter and the resident's favorite item, a chocolate fountain. Staff members also put up a personalized congratulations banner for this year's winners.

More than 60 people attended the event, Haley described the mood of the awards ceremony as upbeat and chipper.

"When you're around someone five plus days a week, you learn their quirks, you learn the way that they operate, you learn their moods," said Haley. "You're able to distinguish their good days from their bad days and in return you become like an extended family and help them to have more good days."

During the event, one employee member was recognized for 36 years of service with the company.

Haley said residents would cheer for their favorite staff members during the ceremony and believed residents enjoyed the opportunity to give recognition to the staff that cares for them, and show that they care in return.

Parkview Nursing puts on several programs for residents throughout the year including an upcoming Easter egg hunt for friends and family. The center looks forward to planning community events for the summer time.

Parkview Nursing Center has been serving Delaware, Madison, Henry Grant, Blackford and Wayne counties since 1965.  The center is a leading provider of long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation solutions.

Parkview Nursing Center is always open for volunteers and donations are welcome.

To volunteer at the center, volunteers must fill out an application on-site and schedule a time to meet with the Life Enrichment Director and attend a short volunteer orientation. Volunteers can help the center by visiting, making conversation with residents, assisting with scheduled activities and assisting with their new interactive arts program.

For more information on Parkview Nursing Center visit The center is located at 2200 White River Blvd in Muncie, IN.

The mission of Parkview Nursing Center is help people live better, by providing quality, cost effective health care and rehabilitation. The vision of the center is to challenge perceptions of the healthcare profession by helping people live better, one life at a time. Values of the center include respect, integrity, pride, compassion, responsiveness and dignity.

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